Company History

The Asian Center for Environmental Health was founded jointly with the World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry and Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO on 28 December, 2013 as its headquarter in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It aimed to meet the emerging need of an institution to work on Environmental Health in Asia Pacific and facilitate the expertise to, and cooperation with governments in Asia Pacific to protect environment and public health. Since its inception ESDO operate as its secretariat and have been activating the Asian Center as its special program until its separate legal entity.


To play a role of-

♦ Think tank and develop ideas, policies and strategies to eliminate environmental toxins in Asia
♦ watch dog against industrial abuse of chemicals and stop the toxic trade to developing nations
♦ Fundamental research and academic attribute for sustainable and alternative curriculum development


♦ To build Asian network and awareness for mercury free dentistry
♦ Joint effort to set up national, state model in Asian nations to gain support for ratification of the “Minamata Convention on Mercury” and its implementation
♦ To encourage government programs and insurance policies that favour non mercury dental restorative material
♦ To make it an immediate priority to stop the use of mercury amalgam in the treatment of children and pregnant women
♦ To promote alternative restoration materials and ensuring their affordability and accessibility

Nature is our treasure, Help save It

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