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Client : All China Environment Federation (ACEF)

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All-China Environment Federation (ACEF) is a nationwide non-profitable civil society organization (CSO) in the field of the environment, and is supported by the government. It is composed of CSOs and individuals who are enthusiastic about and support environmental protection and are willing to work for it. The objective of ACEF is to serve as a bridge between the government and the public in implementing the sustainable development strategy, achieving national objectives on environment and development, and protecting the environmental rights of the public. By fully utilizing the organizational advantage, ACEF aims to promote environmental protection and sustainable development in China and the world at large. ACEF has been granted: UN ECOSOC special Consultative Status; UNEP Consultative Status and ACEF is the member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Website:

Nature is our treasure, Help save It

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