Another Dental Chamber of Dhaka, Bangladesh got Recognition as ‘Mercury Amalgam Free Dental Chamber’

Dentistry catches a breath of fresh air through a completely new approach towards mercury-free dentistry in Bangladesh through recognizing a dental chamber named ‘Rafiza Smart Dental Care’ in the capital city Dhaka as ‘Mercury-Free’ by Bangladesh Dental Society-BDS and Environment and Social development Organization-ESDO on 11th of February, 2018. This is the second dental chamber that got the ‘Mercury-Free Dental Chamber’ recognition. Earlier in 28 January, 2018, ESDO and BDS in collaboration with World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry and Asian Center for Environmental Health  inaugurated the program as a part of their vibrant campaign to ban mercury from dentistry in Bangladesh. Dr. Alim Al Razee (Aalif), the principal dentist of the dental chamber was provided with a sticker logo denoting ‘Mercury-Free Dental Chamber’ for his chamber.

ESDO in collaboration with BDS started its mercury-free dentistry initiatives in Bangladesh since 2013. In line with this, dental chamber visit and mercury-free dental chamber declaration is an worthwhile approach to encourage dentists for practicing mercury-free dentistry as well as to let people know the best choice for them is mercury-free dental treatment. After visiting a good number of dental chambers in country the mercury-free dental chambers will be awarded certificate through a prestigious ceremony. The main objective of this dental chamber visit initiative is to make an ultimate call for the ban of mercury amalgam in dentistry.

Earlier in 2017, BDS declared and set target to phase out dental mercury amalgam by 2018 in Bangladesh. On may 6, 2017 in a workshop entitled “Mercury-Free Dentistry: Way Forward” this declaration was made.

Syed Marghub Murshed, Former Secretary, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Chairperson of ESDO was the session chair of the event. Among others Dr. Humayun Kabir Bulbul, Secretary General, BDS; Siddika Sultana, Executive Director, ESDO along with ESDO team were present in the program.

During the event, Dr. Humayun Kabir Bulbul, Secretary General, BDS said, “By 2018 BDS is going to ensure mercury-free dental treatment for children, pregnant women and nursing mother. So this kind of initiative is not only praise-worthy but also timely demanded action. We want every dental chamber of our country mercury-free.”

Syed Marghub Murshed said, “Non Governmental sector has shown much advancement in establishing mercury free dentistry in Bangladesh. And I have a strong belief that a regulation on the ban of mercury dental amalgam will soon be established through ESDO’s tremendous policy advocacy.”

Siddika Sultana, Executive Director, ESDO praised Dr. Alim Al Razee (Aalif) for practicing mercury-free dentistry and delivered her valuable speech saying,“As a signatory country of Minamata Convention, Bangladesh have to ban mercury added all products. So to identify and quantify mercury-free dental chambers in Bangladesh is an important step. And in the entire Asia, Bangladesh is the first country to take this kind of initiative. We are grateful to the mercury-free dentists for their cordial co-operation and we appreciate their works.”

Dr. Alim Al Razee (Aalif) said, “We, the dental surgeons of this generation have never used dental amalgam as we are aware of the harmful impact of mercury since our academic life. And being a teacher I never encouraged my students to do so. I want to praise BDS and ESDO for this innovative approach which will encourage other dentists towards mercury free dentistry practice.” At the end, the sticker denoting ‘Mercury-Free Dental Chamber’ was pasted in front of the dental chamber.

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