Awareness Raising and Capacity building for the Elimination of POPs and Its sources, CEPHED, Nepal

This informative poster was produced under an ongoing “Awareness Raising and Capacity building for the Elimination of POPs and Its sources” by CEPHED in Nepal supported by UNDP, GEF, SGP.

CEPHED poster on ESM of HCWM, Mercury Free Health Care Services and Mercury Free Dentistry 2014

Chemical issues, Mercury waste and mercury free health care services were all part of this project. 2000 copies of the poster were prepared and produced jointly with the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP), Nepal Dental Association (NDA) and CEPHED. The international networks with which CEPHED worked with such as ESDO, Asian Center, GAIA, IPEN, Hesperian Foundation, WAMFD etc were also supportive of this project and hence with all of their prior consent and solidarity, CEPHED used their logos to increase its importance and acceptance worldwide.

It has been massively distributed among many health care facilities (general hospital, dental hospital etc), medical colleges, various national and international forums and other countries. We continue to distribute the poster as most importantly it carries the message of our Governments Decision on Banning Import, Purchase and Use of Mercury based equipment in Nepal. Another important thing is that it carries the logo of the Government of Nepal and Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) and several other national and international organizations.

The response we have received is overwhelming as it has been kept very nicely and appropriately in many hospitals notice board as well as public malformation sites, individual wards, websites and social networks.

In one instance, an Official from EU Delegation to Nepal took the picture of this poster mounted in some Dental Clinics, and sent back to me and asked me whether it has been produced under EU funded project with CEPHED. I clarified that it was produced by CEPHED but with other project with GEF SGP and WAMFD etc.

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