Press briefing on study report entitled ‘Toxic Chemicals in Beauty Products- A Potential Threat to Human Health and Environment’

On March 5, 2016, ESDO in association with Asian Center organized a press briefing on ‘Toxic chemicals in commonly used beauty products in Bangladesh: A Potential Threat to Health and Environment’’. There are so many toxic chemicals in both imported and exported beauty products of Bangladesh  which is alarming for human health and environment.

Syed Marghub Murshed, former Secretary of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh andChairperson of ESDO disclosed the result of the study named ‘Toxic Chemicals in Beauty Products- A Potential Threat to Human Health and Environment.’’ It was seen from the study that Titanium was found in almost all skin brightening cream, which is two times more harmful than Mercury and also carcinogenic. Titanium was found 241 ppm in a widely used baby lotion and average concentration of Zinc in baby lotion was 9.03 ppm. Average concentration of Arsenic in skin brightening cream was found 1630.06 ppm. Herbal products were found to contain much more Titanium and other toxic chemicals than synthetic beauty products contain. In 2015, ESDO purchased thirty three most popular and commonly used beauty products from different areas of Dhaka city. All cosmetics were categorized in five common categories, i.e. Face Wash, herbal face pack, Skin whitening cream, Hair gel for men and baby Lotion. ESDO’s main objective of this study was to determine the exact level and concentration of toxic chemicals and heavy metal used in beauty products.

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