Sri Lankan Initiative to Promote Mercury-free Dentistry

Can people decide what to put in their mouth? Is the most frequently asked question by general public from the campaigners on mercury-free dentistry. Therefore, CEJ Sri Lanka decided to merge the campaign with dental clinics that would go for mercury-free alternative fillings.

The first of these programs was held at Base Hospital, Walasmulla on October 26th 2022. The program composed of an awareness session and a clinic.

Centre for Environmental Justice conducted an awareness programme along with the clinic to educate and guide the public especially pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and school children about the health impacts of Mercury, the health and environmental impacts of Dental amalgam and guidelines for maintaining good oral health in order to reduce/prevent cavities and thereby fillings. Around 102 Participants composed of 56 schoolchildren and 46 pregnant women, mothers and fathers took part in both awareness and the clinic. This kind of public awareness programme will help to influence decision-makers with the increased public attention to this kind of scenario.

Children’s health and well-being is a major concern for parents. Therefore, awareness on the potential negative impacts of mercury raises their concern and attention to prevent mercury poisoning.

The Medical Superintendent Dr. A.P.R.S. Chandrasena, of Base hospital, walasmulla, appreciated the efforts of CEJ and assured that there will be no use of mercury Amalgam in the dental clinic of the hospital. In addition, the dental surgeon from the Hambanthota district hospital also assured CEJ That the hospital no longer uses Amalgam as a filling material.

The event was organized by the Center for Environmental Justice with the financial assistance of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry.

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