Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants: Highlights of 3rd, 4th and 5th Day

The 3rd day marked midweek of the Convention.
The Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee (POPRC) worked throughout the day in contact groups to continue their expert reviews of the risks posed by chemicals and potential management options.
• UV-328, a UV filter applied to plastics, received two time slots. The draft risk management assessment for this chemical is being examined by POPRC.
•Dechlorane Plus was also being reviewed at this stage. Participants in the POPRC concentrated on what applications could need exceptions from a complete ban on the chemical’s manufacturing and usage.
• Participants also spoke about “medium chain chlorinated paraffins” and progressed through the document, although further discussion of the scope of the listing may be required.

4th day was the most important day as it was the penultimate day. All the documents need to be finalized by the end of the day so they can be sent for translation into the six UN languages and be readied for possible adoption on Friday. Participants at (POPRC) worked throughout the day to advance their work as much as possible to meet these deadlines. much of the paper, but it’s possible that more debate on the listing’s scope is still needed.
• Participants addressed all outstanding issues on the draft risk profiles for “medium chain chlorinated paraffins” and the Dechlorane Plus risk management evaluation. Both contact groups completed the draft decisions and accompanying documentation for their respective documents. The Committee will receive them for potential adoption.
• In the case of Dechlorane Plus, the recommendation in the draft decision, if adopted by the Committee, will be sent to the COP for consideration. UV-328 is also at the stage where a decision could lead to further action by the COP.
• Progress was not so forthcoming in discussions on chlorpyrifos. Participants continued to debate a longer list of concerns, including to what extent the pesticide represents a risk in remote regions.

On the 5th day (POPRC) concluded its review of four of the five chemicals under consideration. It agreed to defer its consideration of the draft risk profile on chlorpyrifos after members were unable to agree that the pesticide was likely to lead to adverse effects due to its long-range environmental transport such that global action is warranted.
• The Committee forwarded to the Conference of the Parties (COP) recommendations to list Dechlorane Plus and UV-328 under Annex A of the Stockholm Convention. This would eliminate the production and use of the chemicals.
• For the two other draft risk profiles, on “medium chain chlorinated paraffins” and LC-PFCAs, the Committee agreed that, due to their long-range environmental transport, they are likely to lead to adverse effects such that global action is warranted. Draft risk management evaluations will be prepared for consideration at the next committee meeting.

The Executive Director of Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO is currently attending the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants as a representative of ESDO and IPEN in Rome, Italy.

The next POPRC meeting will be October 9–13, 2023, in Rome, Italy.

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