Tell FDA It’s Time For Mercury-Free Dentistry

FDA needs to end the use of mercury when filling cavities in pregnant / nursing women and children under 15. For other patients, FDA needs to require dentists to inform about all options presented.


A new international treaty on mercury, the Minamata Convention, requires the US (and over 100 other countries on the treaty) to take steps to phase-down the use of mercury-rich dental amalgam when repairing teeth. Taking a more precautionary approach, countries around the globe – including those in Europe – already restrict placement of dental amalgam in pregnant women and children under 15.

Currently, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is considering the continuing use of mercury in dentistry here in the USA by convening a scientific review panel to assess the health science on mercury impacts resulting from amalgam use.

This review includes mercury that passes from a mother to her child during early development and breastfeeding. Science already recognizes mercury as a potent neurotoxin, especially during early brain development.

During their review, the FDA welcomes public input and we need your support to let them know people care enough to tell them to stop allowing this.

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