BRS COP, Highlights of 7 May 2023

The Basel Convention came into focus to begin the second week. It’s time for the Basel Convention to start taking on concerns relating to its implementation after considerable work was finished under the Stockholm Convention and began under the Rotterdam Convention.

These cover a number of topics that aid nations in disclosing data on the shipments of hazardous waste that cross borders. A wide number of stakeholders are involved in trade and waste management, including local communities, industrial players, and country-based implementation agencies. The Basel Convention made choices about a number of partnership programs, as well as plastics, domestic garbage, and e-waste.

A contact group on legal matters agreed to the draft text on the work program of the Committee administering the mechanism for promoting implementation and compliance for the biennium 2024-2025.

A contact group considered the effectiveness of the Rotterdam Convention with a focus on a proposal to add a new Annex to the Convention. This would be a place to list chemicals that were recommended by the Chemical Review Committee, but not agreed to by all parties.

Countries exchanged their initial views that revealed a wide divide between those opposed and in support. Some raised procedural concerns about how the proposal was put forward.

On behalf of IPEN and ESDO, Dr. Shahriar Hossain and Siddika Sultana intervene on hazardous waste and illegal trade, plastic waste transboundary movement

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