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The association has had 13-year experience developing and implementing the projects, studies on health services quality; health services access among the people, women, the poor and ethnic minorities; reproductive health; maternal and child health care; family planning; health system; and communicable diseases prevention and control. Here are the projects, studies:

✔ Assessing results of pilot implementation of the guidance on verification and certification of Open Defecation Free Community in 7 project provinces
✔ The evaluating survey on current status of water supply and environmental sanitation (including medical waste management) in CHS.
✔ Data collection of indicators for implementing the health care assistance project for the poor in the Northern Mountainous and Central Highlands provinces.
✔ Develop an information system of case-mix for the Program: “Develop medical human resources”.
✔ Assessment of the implementation of National Standards on reproductive health care services
✔ A rapid assessment of reproductive health care and implementation of handbook for monitoring of maternal and child health in 3 provinces of Dien Bien, Thanh Hoa and An Giang.
✔ Analysis of the situation of reproductive health care services in 64 provinces/cities of Viet Nam.
✔ Definition of study needs to strengthen trachoma control in Viet Nam.
✔ Endline evaluation of the Viet Nam HIV/AIDS Prevention supported by
✔ Assessment on KAP of staff in water supply and rural environmental sanitation sector on HIV prevention and control activities in 6 project provinces.
✔ Endline evaluation of the Viet Nam HIV/AIDS Prevention supported by the World Bank.
✔ Supervising the rapid assessment and epidemiological survey on trachoma at Northern provinces of Vietnam.
✔ Assessment of the effectiveness of the activities of Expanded Environmental Sanitation Project.
✔ Participatory assessment of the pilot project in Viet Nam on personel hygiene education and school sanitation, supported by Dutch Government in 2000-2001.
✔ Assessment of a policy of occupational cancer prevention and control.
✔ Study on KAP of the health workers and community in 8 project provinces on avian influenza.
✔ Endline assessment on KAP of health workers and community on avian influenza.
✔ Assessment of malaria prevention and control program supported by the Global Fund in Son La, Dien Bien, Binh Dinh, Dac Lac and Binh Phuoc .
✔ Survey on dengue collaborator network activities under the National Dengue Control Program.
✔ Evaluation of the capability to rescue accidents at health facilities in some provinces under the Injury Prevention Project.
✔ Evaluation of the situation of injury control system before hospitalization in 5 provinces/cities.
✔ Survey on the situation of health insurance for the labors in non-state agencies.

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