ESDO team have visited 25 dental chambers in January, 2019

Bangladesh is heading towards mercury-free dentistry practices very fast compared to other countries. There are large numbers of dental colleges and dental units of medical institutions where dentists are practicing dental treatments without using a minimum mercury amalgam.In January 2019,  ESDO team have visited twenty five dental chambers and have  recognized them as mercury free dental chambers through pasting stickers, The dental chambers were Radiant Dental Care, Yours Dental Care, Dentist Point Dental Care & Orthodontics, T32 Dental Solution and Bismillah Dental Care ,Dento Safe Dental Care, Projonmo Dental Health, Confi dental, Oral and Dental Care, Japan City Orthodontics and Implant,NEBS Dental Clinic, Victoria Healthcare Ltd, United Dental Surgery, Shemanto Dental Point, Aninda Dental Care, Doctors Dental Chamber, Milon’s Dental Care, Zafnah Dental Care, Decency Dental Care and Crescent Dental Chamber. The event was carried out on January, 2019.

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