“Mercury Free Dentistry Week”, 2015 in Bangladesh

An awareness event titled; Mercury-Free Dentistry for Health & Environment” was organized by ESDO jointly with City Dental College on 18 August, 2015. The event was a great success. Approximately 150 dentists were present there and everyone was so supportive and interested in this issue. ESDO also did a day-long mobile awareness campaign all over in Dhaka City involving mercury free practicing dentists on 25 August, 2015. A practical demonstration and question session was also arranged on that day for one to one interaction with dentists and general public. University faculties, students, professionals, general public participated in the mobile awareness campaign. Over 500 signatures were collected from them.  People responded positively and are interested about further information dissemination about Hg dental amalgam. Participants extended their profound thanks to ESDO for its mass awareness campaigning on such an alarming environmental issue. 

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