Phaseout Dental Amalgam in Bangladesh to Protect Public Health and Environment

Environment and Social Development Organization- ESDO organized public an open forum titled “Phaseout Dental Amalgam in Bangladesh to Protect Public Health and Environment” to raise awareness of the impacts of mercury dental amalgam on the environment and human health in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The open forum of Chittagong on mercury free dentistry took place on November 12, 2014 at Chittagong Club, Chittagong. The forum started with registration and reception of guests, which was followed by keynote speech and presentation from ESDO Secretary General Shahriar Hossain, open discussion among guests, speeches from guests and closing remarks. President of World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry Mr. Charlie Brown, Syed Marghub Murshed, Chairperson of ESDO, Dr. Shahriar Hossain, Secretary General of ESDO, Siddika Sultana, Director of Asian Center, Dr. Sarfarz Khan Chowdhury, Civil Surgeon of Chittagong and Mr. Shahiduz Zaman, Editor and CEO of News Network were present. Dentists, Gynecologists, Dental Student, Journalists has presented there.

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