Procurement of mercury amalgam capsule has been lessened to 60% in Army Medical and Dental Core!!!! A great success of ESDO’s intervention

On 31 August, 2015; Siddika Sultana, Executive Director, ESDO along with ESDO team had a meeting with Brigadier General Golam Mohiuddin Chowdhury, Adviser Specialist, Army Medicl & Dental Core  in dentistry at Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Dhaka Cantonment. According to him, before 2009, amalgam was supplied in Bangladesh army as alloy powder and liquid mercury form and it was mixed annually. Now it is supplied as precapsulated form and amalgamator is used for mixing. And yearly supply was 60,000 capsules. After ESDO’s intervention in 2014 and initiative taken by Brig. General Dr. Mohiuddin it has cut its supply more than 60%. This year Bangladesh Army has procured 25,000 capsules only. A great achievement towards mercury free dentistry!

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