Siddika Sultana, first South Asian Women Appointed VP of World Alliance

ESDO’s Executive Director was chosen as the Vice President for Asia of the World Alliance for Mercury-free Dentistry. She is the first woman from South Asia to achieve the World Alliance Global Leadership role since its operation in 2010. World Alliance is a Washington D.C. USA based global network for phaseout the use of dental amalgam worldwide.
Yesterday, in an official message from World Alliance President Attorney Charles G. Brown expressed his gratitude and said that the World Alliance deeply appreciates the outstanding work she has done since 2012 for mercury-free dentistry for Bangladesh, for Asia, and for the world. The Asian Center for Environmental Health is our headquarters for the world’s largest continent, and our mission is en route to being accomplished.
Former Secretary and ESDO Chairperson, Syed Marghub Murshed, also sent his graduate and said, “As the Director of The Asian Center for Environmental Health Siddika has made tremendous progress in Asia. Her new role of leadership will help to bring Bangladesh and other Asian country’s initiatives great accomplishment towards mercury-free dentistry and environmental health in Asia.”
ESDO team has sent their heartiest congratulations to Siddika Sultana and wished for her good health and continued leadership.
About World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry: The World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry founded in 2010 with the mission is to phase out the use of dental amalgam worldwide.
To accomplish this goal, organizations promote effective measures to phase down amalgam use, especially, setting national objectives to minimize amalgam use, raising public awareness, updating dental school curriculum, ending amalgam use to children and pregnant women, and phaseout date of amalgam through the Minamata Convention.


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